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Teen Advisory Panel

The InTransit Teen Diabetes Advisory Panel and Discussion Board provides Kovler teens the opportunity to voice their opinions, encourages them to build a community with their providers and peers and empowers them to make a difference in their diabetes care. The Advisory Panel combines diabetes education with fun and support. It is designed to to help teens with diabetes cope with and learn more about their condition, as well as offer their input on how Kovler can enhance inpatient and outpatient diabetes services to better address their needs.

What is InTransit?

The Kovler Diabetes Center ’s InTransit program is a clinical care and education program for adolescents, teens and young adults with diabetes. InTransit’s goal is to empower teens and young adults to manage their diabetes and to help them create a healthy future. The InTransit program includes pediatric and adult endocrinologists working side-by-side at the Kovler clinic to help patients transition their diabetes care and responsibilities from their parents and family to themselves.

What will InTransit do?

  • Establish a partnership with the youth who have diabetes, their family or caregiver, and their medical team
  • Empower teens and young adults to learn to live with diabetes on their own
  • Establish a sensitivity to the physical, social, emotional and intellectual developmental stages that are distinctive to this group as they move from pre-adolescence and puberty to their teen stage and into adulthood
  • Create support systems to address every need, from concerns of going to college to driving tips
  • Utilize the latest treatment technologies to make it as easy as possible for our teens to cope with diabetes

Why a Kovler teen advisory panel and discussion group?

After four years being one of the only teen diabetes programs in the U.S., Kovler realize the need to address the concerns and needs of teens with diabetes. To do this, the University of Chicago Kovler Diabetes Center has created the opportunity to blend diabetes education with fun and support to help diabetic teens cope with, and to learn more about their condition. The Kovler teen advisory panel and discussion group will also allow us to learn from the teens more about how we can improve our inpatient and outpatient diabetes services, as well as better ways we can address their needs throughout the day.

Drawing from Kovler’s nationally recognized diabetes programs, physicians, psychologists and diabetes educations, and by actively participating in enjoyable and bonding activities, the teen advisory panel and discussion group will be a very enlightening experience for both the Kovler staff and our teen patients.

Who can join?

Any Kovler patient age 13 to 17 can join the panel at any time and will have the opportunity to participate in various projects and events that may occur throughout the year. Fill out the simple form below and you will be contacted regarding your interests.

When do we meet?

Meetings will be held quarterly. Don’t miss out on our next meeting–connect with Kovler Diabetes Center!

How do I join?

To join and for more information, please fill out the form below. We strive to respond to your message within 1-2 business days. For further questions, please contact Ms. Peggy Hasenauer by phone at (773)834-4879 or by email at diabetes@uchospitals.edu!

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