Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition - Kovler Diabetes Center

Committee on Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition (CMMN)

The Kovler Diabetes Center plays an important role on part of the University of Chicago’s Committee on Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition (CMMN). The CMMN offers the Molecular Metabolism Training Program, a dynamic and interactive graduate program focused on cutting-edge research related to metabolism and disease. This training program is one of just a few in the United States with this focus.

Kovler researcher Matthew Brady, Ph.D., chairs the committee, which comprises basic science and clinical researchers affiliated with Kovler and/or the University of Chicago who interact with, train, teach and mentor the program’s graduate students.

The Committee’s close work with the University of Chicago’s Diabetes Research and Training Center, Digestive Disease Research Core Center, Research Training Program in Digestive Diseases and Nutrition and Clinical Research Center of the Institute for Translational Medicine offers students a wide variety of research topics.

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