Research Study-Treatment, Diagnosis & Prevention of Diabetes

Research Studies

Clinical research to advance the understanding, treatment, diagnosis and prevention of diabetes is a significant part of our work at Kovler.

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TrialNet Hydroxychloroquine Prevention
Pathway to Prevention Study

Pediatric Sleep
Research Study

Islet Transplantation in People with Unstable or “Brittle” Type 1 Diabetes
Karen Wu

RISE Study:
Restoring Insulin Secretion

Monogenic Diabetes Registry & Genetics of Diabetes Studies

Sleep Problems and Type 2 Diabetes Risk in Teenagers

Research Study on Type 2 Diabetes and Pediatrics

Chronotype in Preadolescents and Type 2 Diabetes Risk

TrialNet: CTLA-4 lg (Abatacept) in Prevention of Type 1 Diabetes in Relatives "At-Risk"


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