Chronotype in Preadolescents and Type 2 Diabetes Risk


About the study

Researchers at the University of Chicago Medicine seeks participants for a research study about chronotype in preadolescents and type 2 diabetes risk.

Eligibility Criteria

Study is of normal-weight and/or overweight children age 10-13.

What will I be asked to do?

Participation in this study involves IV placement (some subjects), blood draws, an oral glucose tolerance test (some subjects), questionnaires, a food journal and wearing a wrist monitor that records activity and sleep. The study is one study visit and 1 week of wearing a wrist monitor. Compensation provided (up to $50 giftcard for children and a $30 giftcard and a parking voucher for parents).

How to participate

For more information about this study or to participate, please call Dr Magdalena Dumin at the University of Chicago at 773-702-5735.