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Teens and Young Adults

Transition Planning

The transition into diabetes self-management can include many challenges for teens. The Kovler Diabetes Center’s unique clinical care and education program, InTransit, is designed to help these young diabetes patients and their families make this transition as smoothly as possible.

InTransit offers teens and young adults with diabetes the support they need during this critical transition period, with the goal of empowering them to manage their diabetes effectively and create the healthiest possible lifestyle.

Our multidisciplinary team of specialists are specially trained to work with this age group and prepared to support every need, from glucose monitoring to driving tips to transitioning to the college environment.

Important Checklists
In addition to Kovler’s InTransit Program, there are important checklists available to help your health care provider, young adult, and family discuss and change from pediatric to adult health. While a variety of events may affect the actual timing when this change occurs, below are suggested timelines and topics for review:

Key Strengths of InTransit

  • Comprehensive support: InTransit addresses medical, educational and emotional needs with an approach that establishes a partnership among teens, their families or caregivers, and their medical specialists.
  • Designed for teens: Our experts are sensitive to the physical, social, emotional and intellectual developmental stages distinctive to this group as they move from pre-adolescence and puberty through their teens and into adulthood.
  • Multidisciplinary expertise: A diverse team of specialists can help teens address diabetes-related complications and conditions.
  • Flexibility: Our University of Chicago Medicine specialists can work with a patient and his or her family on an ongoing basis, or consult with the patient’s local endocrinologist after a one-time consultation.
  • Empowerment: InTransit prepares young people with diabetes to manage their condition independently as they transition to adulthood.

Valuable Skills and Knowledge

InTransit participants learn important diabetes management skills and information, such as:

  • Making the best food choices, including the healthiest options for fast food, snacks and other foods
  • The proper use of glucose monitors, sensors and insulin to control blood sugar levels
  • Managing blood sugar when in classes, at work or traveling
  • Balancing blood sugar levels when participating in sports, activities and social outings
  • Using new technology for easier diabetes management
  • Understanding the impact of alcohol, fast food, smoking and other choices on diabetes management

Convenient Support and Resources

InTransit makes diabetes care and management convenient. We are here for you, whether you and your child:

  • Visit the University of Chicago Medical Center for ongoing care
  • Live farther away and visit once or twice a year
  • Come to us for a consultation/second opinion

We are committed to a close partnership with your medical team and will keep them well informed about our findings and recommendations.

Through our relationships with community-based providers, InTransit will connect you and your child to resources in your local area as needed. Access to nearby educational and emotional support can boost a young person’s knowledge and confidence as they learn to manage their life with diabetes.

Teen Advisory Panel

The InTransit Teen Diabetes Advisory Panel and Discussion Board provides Kovler teens the opportunity to voice their opinions, encourages them to build a community with their providers and peers and empowers them to make a difference in their diabetes care. The Advisory Panel combines diabetes education with fun and support. It is designed to to help teens with diabetes cope with and learn more about their condition, as well as offer their input on how Kovler can enhance inpatient and outpatient diabetes services to better address their needs.

Any Kovler patient age 13 to 17 can join the Panel at any time. Fill out out the simple form below to get involved!

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Kovler’s Family Health and Wellness Program

Life’s everyday stressors can be all the more difficult for individuals with diabetes, as well as for their families. Patients and families can become overwhelmed with diabetes management, putting them at risk for depression, anxiety and other challenges.

Fortunately, such challenges can be prevented or managed with routine behavioral health and wellness services. The Kovler Diabetes Center offers individuals and families the support they need to help them manage not only their diabetes, but also the challenges to family life and emotional health that often accompany chronic illness.

Our experts work with patients and families to develop a comprehensive care program that integrates diabetes management into everyday life. Each patient’s care team includes. the patient’s loved ones as well as doctors, nurses, educators, psychologists, and marriage and family therapists.

Together, the care team works to help the patient’s mind, body and relationships work in harmony. This reduces the risk of diabetes-related complications and enhances patient quality of life.

Teen & Young Adult Clinical Research Studies 

Clinical research to advance the understanding, treatment, diagnosis and prevention of diabetes is a significant part of our work at Kovler, and we continually seek patient participants for our clinical research studies (clinical trials).

If you would like to contribute to the future of diabetes care, to improving the quality of life for diabetes patients, and to the effort to find a cure for this disease, please consider participating in a Kovler clinical trial. You can find our current studies here, along with specific instructions for getting involved.

Meet the Kovler Team

Find out more about Kovler’s clinicians and educators who specialize in treating and supporting teens and young adults with diabetes.