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Kovler’s program for adult diabetes patients addresses the physical treatment needs as well as the psychological challenges of living with diabetes. Our multidisciplinary team of care providers includes specialists in endocrinology, experts in addressing diabetes-related conditions, and educators and counselors who support patients in navigating the social and emotional aspects of living with diabetes.

Our comprehensive diabetes education program offers resources to guide patients through the many decisions and challenges that are part of living with diabetes. Kovler’s team includes Certified Diabetes Educators that provide one-to-one support tailored to a patient’s needs, including nutrition counseling, insulin instruction, meter instruction and more. Our Diabetes Education Classes and support groups offer forums for patients to share concerns, feelings and ideas about living with this chronic disease.

Kovler’s Family Health and Wellness Program

Life’s everyday stressors can be all the more difficult for individuals with diabetes, as well as for their families. Patients and families can become overwhelmed with diabetes management, putting them at risk for depression, anxiety and other challenges.

Fortunately, such challenges can be prevented or managed with routine behavioral health and wellness services. The Kovler Diabetes Center offers individuals and families the support they need to help them manage not only their diabetes, but also the challenges to family life and emotional health that often accompany chronic illness.

Our experts work with patients and families to develop a comprehensive care program that integrates diabetes management into everyday life. Each patient’s care team includes. the patient’s loved ones as well as doctors, nurses, educators, psychologists, and marriage and family therapists.

Together, the care team works to help the patient’s mind, body and relationships work in harmony. This reduces the risk of diabetes-related complications and enhances patient quality of life.

Adult Clinical Research Studies

Clinical research to advance the understanding, treatment, diagnosis and prevention of diabetes is a significant part of our work at Kovler, and we continually seek patient participants for our clinical research studies (clinical trials).

If you would like to contribute to the future of diabetes care, to improving the quality of life for diabetes patients, and to the effort to find a cure for this disease, please consider participating in a Kovler clinical trial. You can find our current studies here, along with specific instructions for getting involved.

Meet the Kovler Team

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