Growth of Clinical Hours in Hyde Park-Kovler Diabetes Center

Expansion of Clinical Hours in Hyde Park

Happy ChildExpansion of Clinical Hours in Hyde Park for Dianne Deplewski, MD and Julia Socke, RD, LDN, CDE

Here at the Kovler Diabetes Center, we are fortunate to have many talented and devoted diabetes care professionals on our team. Two of these individuals are Dianne Deplewski, MD, who has been caring for children with diabetes and other endocrine conditions at the University of Chicago for more than 15 years, and Julia Socke, RD, LDN, CDE, who has been part of the Kovler team since February of 2012.

Currently, Dr. Deplewski, one of Kovler’s pediatric endocrinologists sees pediatric diabetes patients in the Kovler Diabetes Center in the Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine (DCAM) on Tuesdays. Julia, a dietitian and certified diabetes educator sees patients at the Kovler Diabetes Center satellite clinic in Merrillville, Indiana. We are pleased to announce that beginning in August, Dr. Deplewski and Julia will be expanding their clinical hours to see patients on Mondays at the Kovler Diabetes Center in Hyde Park.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Julia Socke to learn more about her role at Kovler and at the University of Chicago. Here is what Julia shared with us:

Kovler Key (KK): Julia, as a certified diabetes educator you see patients in both Hyde Park and at Kovler’s satellite location in Merrillville, Indiana. How are the two patient experiences different?
Julia Socke (JS): In both Merrillville and in Hyde Park, patients see a certified diabetes educator and their endocrinologist at each visit. Patients in Hyde Park also have the opportunity to work with members of our Health and Wellness team. Both clinics provide exceptional and personalized diabetes care. The only difference is location.

KK: In the past, you and Dr. Deplewski have seen patients in Palos Heights. Beginning in August, though, patients will no longer be seen in Palos Heights. Instead, you and Dr. Deplewski will begin seeing patients in Hyde Park on Mondays. What are some of the advantages to seeing patients at the DCAM in Hyde Park?
JS: Previously I was seeing patients only twice a month at the Palos location. Being at DCAM every Monday allows me to see more patients and it provides more flexibility for the families trying to schedule appointments. I am also able to work with the Health and Wellness team, which offers services unique to our clinic in Hyde Park.

KD: What is your favorite part of working at Kovler?
JS: Kovler recognizes the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. I am able to collaborate closely with Dr. Deplewski, as well as our other providers, to ensure that the patients are getting individualized and exceptional care.

Julia Socke, RD, LDN, CDE, is an experienced dietitian and diabetes educator who has experience working with patients of all ages and with various dietary needs. Julia is a member of the Chicago Dietetic Association and the American Dietetic Association. Julia’s areas of interest are diabetes, adult and pediatric weight management, and community nutrition.Kovler Diabetes Hospital

Dianne Deplewski, MD, serves as Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Director of the Pediatric Endocrinology Training Program at the University of Chicago, and she has roles on multiple University of Chicago committees and on various medical journals. In addition to serving as a pediatric endocrinology clinician in the Chicago area for the past 15 years, Dr. Deplewski is an active researcher of diabetes, insulin resistance, growth and puberty whose works have been published in many academic journals.
Kovler is incredibly lucky to have both Dr. Deplewski and Julia on our team and we look forward to seeing both of them in our Hyde Park clinic on Mondays.