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Psychosocial Program

Life’s stresses can be doubly difficult for individuals with diabetes as well as for their families. Depression, anxiety and the challenges of diabetes management can occur in families that are overwhelmed. These conditions can increase the need for additional clinical services or interventions that may be preventable with routine behavioral health and wellness services. Thus, to address these potential concerns, at the Kovler Diabetes Center, individuals and families can now get support that helps them achieve better self-care, family life and diabetes management.

Our psychosocial program, a family-based behavioral health and wellness program

Included in the diabetes care programs at the Kovler Diabetes Center are behavioral health and wellness appointments for the individual with diabetes and his or her loved ones to meet with members of our team of behavioral health specialists.

The purpose of introducing you and your loved ones to our diabetes counselors is to:

  • develop a comprehensive program of care
  • ensure we meet your specific needs
  • help you live a healthier lifestyle by addressing the social, emotional, and psychological challenges of diabetes

Talking through the impact of diabetes can help children, adults, couples, and families understand how to manage concerns about diabetes and family quality of life, as well as the logistics of diabetes treatment. Our team includes you, your loved ones, doctors, nurses, educators, psychologists, marriage therapists, and family therapists. Together, we can ensure that your mind, body, and relationships are working in harmony, allowing us to help you reduce the risk of diabetes complications, and improve your quality of life at every age and stage.

How it works

Sometimes, just talking with someone can help. Beginning with the first visit to the Kovler Diabetes Center, you and your family will meet a behavioral health specialist with expertise in diabetes counseling who will address your questions and concerns and provide an orientation to Kovler’s family-based approach.

We are here to listen. Our goal is to create an optimal diabetes program that includes stress management, home life support, individual and/or family counseling.

We will help you integrate diabetes management into practical everyday family life. Diabetes is something more people live with every day. The most important thing is to understand that you and your family can enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle with diabetes.

A national model for diabetes care

The Kovler Diabetes Center has the only comprehensive diabetes program in the Midwest to use a family-focused model of care. Building on family strengths and resources, this model of care enables individual resilience and growth, addressing the ongoing challenges that children, adults, and families face over a lifetime of diabetes.

Kovler’s behavioral health and wellness program is in partnership with the University of Chicago Medical Center and the Chicago Center for Family Health, one of the foremost family therapy training institutes in the world.

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