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Discussion Group

Facebook hosts a group for the Kovler Diabetes Center discussions with other participants in the Neonatal Diabetes Registry.

Neonatal Diabetes Discussion Group

If you are already participating in the study, but have not yet joined the discussion group, go to FACEBOOK and enter “neonatal diabetes registry” in the search function. Click on “Request to Join.”

The Facebook Group is currently open only to participants in the Neonatal Diabetes Registry. If your child was diagnosed with diabetes under the age of 12 months, please register and a staff member will contact you.

The Facebook Group

  • The group is open only to participants in the Registry study, which includes patients, parents, physicians as well as the Study staff. All participants should have signed a consent form when they joined the study.
  • You do not need to “Friend” anyone to join or participate in the discussion. All interaction is through the Group page, so no one will have access to your profile information, photos, etc unless you want them to.
  • Once you start using Facebook, it is advisable to check on your “Privacy Settings” to be sure you know who is able to see your information. Although our group is “Private,” we would not advise sharing any information that you might consider particularly sensitive. Please see the Facebook Privacy Policy for more information.
  • The threaded discussion section of the group page allows participants to post questions or concerns for response from others in the group. Any participant can also send a message to all members of the group.
  • Sample topics for discussion:
    • how to check for ketones in a baby
    • mutations that can be treated with sulfonylurea pills instead of insulin

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