Yanchun Li, Research Specialist - The University of Chicago Medicine

Yanchun Li, PhD

Diabetes Educator LiDr. Li ‘s main research interest is the vitamin D endocrine system. His lab is exploring the functions of vitamin D using molecular, cellular and genetic approaches. Their current research focuses on several areas: 1) vitamin D regulation of the renin-angiotensin system and blood pressure as well as mineral metabolism, including renal handling of calcium, phosphate, sulfate and water; 2) exploring roles of the vitamin D receptor in adipogenesis and lipid metabolism in cells and animals; 3) chemoprevention of vitamin D against colon cancer genesis and development; 4)mechanism of vitamin D receptor regulation of the hair growth cycle.


Ph.D. Kent State Univiversity, 1991

M.S. Wuhan University, 1986

B.S. Wuhan University, 1983