Sabrina Karczewski, MA - The University of Chicago Kovler Diabetes Center

Sabrina Karczewski, MA

Sabrina Karczewski, MA, is a fourth year clinical psychology doctoral candidate at DePaul University. She joined the University of Chicago Child and Adolescent Psychiatry department as an extern in July 2012.

Sabrina is a member of the Health and Wellness Team at Kovler Diabetes Center where she provides psychosocial screening assessments and brief evidence-based treatments for patients and families in order to better support diabetes management and wellbeing. She works with the Child and Adolescent Consultation/Liaison service conducting assessments and providing psychotherapy services for patients hospitalized in Comer Children’s Hospital and Bernard A. Mitchell Hospital. Additionally, Sabrina provides outpatient psychotherapy for youth with a variety of challenges including adjustment to a medical condition, mood and anxiety disorders, disruptive behavioral disorders, and developmental disorders. Sabrina’s clinical and research interests include child and family adjustment to a newly diagnosed medical condition, stress and coping in pediatric populations, and the interaction of psychological and physical health.

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