May Sanyoura, PhD - Kovler Diabetes Center

May Sanyoura, PhD

sanyoura, mayMay Sanyoura joined the Kovler Diabetes Center as a post-doctoral scholar in 2015. Sanyoura works with Dr Lou Philipson and Dr Siri Greeley on the Monogenic Diabetes Registry, a registry for patients with known or suspected forms of typical monogenic diabetes and atypical diabetes. As part of her postdoctoral research, Sanyoura focuses on the discovery of the genetic and molecular causes of diabetes, and explores the functions of these genes and their role in the disease pathogenesis.

Sanyoura has an extensive academic background in the field of genetics and diabetes. Her PhD research project, under the supervision of Dr. Cecile Julier at Paris7, focused on the identification and study of genes responsible for monogenic and atypical forms of juvenile-onset insulin-dependent diabetes in the Lebanese population. Her work was comprised of three independent studies: a clinical and genetic study of Wolfram Syndrome, a molecular and functional analysis of a novel diabetes gene on chromosome 11, and a genetic investigation of Alström Syndrome.

PhD in Human Genetics, Paris 7 – Paris Diderot
MS in Human Genetics, Imperial College London
BS in Medical Sciences and Technology, American University of Beirut