Magdalena Dumin, MD - Kovler Diabetes Center

Magdalena Dumin, MD

Magdalena Dumin is a pediatric endocrinology fellow with a clinical and research interest in child and adolescent obesity and its prevention. As a pediatric resident, Dumin focused on elucidating the link between pediatric obesity and milk and juice intake. Her research demonstrated a significant association between consumption of higher caloric density milk and lower BMI percentile. As a pediatric endocrinology fellow, Dumin studies the different metabolic causes of pediatric obesity as well as treat pediatric obese patients with comorbidities such as diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome. Dumin also studies the relationship between sleep architecture, particularly chronotype, a potentially modifiable risk factor, and insulin/glucose homeostasis.
BA in Biological Studies and International Studies, Northwestern University
MD, Jagiellonian University Medical College, Poland
Residency, Loyola University Medical Center
Research Interests:
Child and adolescent obesity and prevention
Sleep architecture and insulin/glucose homeostasis