Kovler Leadership: Meet Amy Franze - The University of Chicago Kovler Diabetes Center

Kovler Leadership: Meet Amy Franze

Amy Franze is one of Kovler’s newest members and already is leaving a great impact in helping further the mission of Kovler Diabetes Center.  Amy’s interest in Kovler Diabetes Center began several years ago when she joined the JDRF Illinois chapter as Executive Director in 2001.  It was during her tenure she was introduced to the staff, valued volunteers and researchers at the University of Chicago.

“I am convinced that the Kovler Diabetes Centers is the premier center for care and research for those with diabetes,” said Amy Franze.  “I am most excited to partner with the staff and other board members to ensure that everyone interested in diabetes care and research become aware of Kovler.  In addition, the center is truly a place that encourages innovation and excellence on all fronts. “

It was through her work at JDRF Illinois Chapter that Amy’s passion for diabetes grew, cemented by the amazing things she helped JDRF accomplish during that time as well as for all living with diabetes.  During Amy’s tenure, she was able to partner with her staff and board to deliver unprecedented results in terms of revenue, awareness and dollars for research.

“When I reflect on my time at the Illinois chapter I always smile because I was blessed to meet so many people that remain as my friends today, “said Franze.

It is those connections, who are now warmly called friends that continue Amy’s work in the field of diabetes.   During my first meeting with Mike Jaffe, he asked me about my personal connection and felt that to be effective it would be important for me to truly understand life with diabetes.  I credit Mike Jaffe for allowing me the opportunity to get to know his family to help me understand the challenges facing those living with diabetes.

Amy is working alongside Laurie Jaffe to help garner support from the Corporate Community for the 2013 Celebrating Miracles and Milestones Meeting in July.