Key Care: Meet Cheryl Scott - Kovler Diabetes Center

Key Care: Meet Cheryl Scott

Diabetes Educator Scott CherylKovler is pleased to announce that Cheryl Scott has joined the Kovler Diabetes Center’s team as Clinical Practice Administrator for Kovler, Endocrinology and Endocrine Surgery.

For the past ten years, Scott has worked in the Department of Surgery after joining University of Chicago Medicine in May of 2002.  During her time at University of Chicago Medicine, Scott has participated and contributed to various initiatives focused on patient satisfaction and service excellence. She has led task forces targeted at marginal improvements in the appearance of the center’s practices as well as improvements in patient engagement.  Scott stands as an advocate promoting pride in the role of supporting the providers that deliver world class care to the patients at The University of Chicago.

Building on years of experience, Scott is hoping to bring a lot to her new position as Clinic Manager.  “I was hoping to bring energy to this position that will remind us all that we are a part of a world-class institution that we should be proud of. I am hoping that energy will move the staff to look at what we do through fresh eyes.”  Scott plans to improve on standing practices as well as implement new and improved workflows and processes.

“From first observations of the Kovler Diabetes Center, I was amazed and impressed with the care that our providers and staff demonstrate as each patient is escorted through their visit,” says Scott.  “It’s magical when I hear one of our front line coordinators or one of the clinical team members greet a patient by name.  That personal engagement goes a long way.”

Scott appreciates the outstanding work that Kovler does not only in the clinic, but in research, education and community engagement. “In my short time in this role, I am aware of the passion that drives our providers and care givers. They take care of those that need treatment now, but through research they continue to move aggressively towards new treatments.”  Scott stays positive and hopeful that through collaborative and caring efforts, the Kovler Team will one day find the cure. Have questions or comments about Kovler’s clinical services?  Contact Cheryl Scoot via email at