David Carmody - Adult Endocrinology | Kovler Diabetes Center

David Carmody, MD, MRCP UK, LRCPI &SI, MB BCh, BAO

David Carmody is a visiting Irish Adult Endocrinology Fellow. He is currently taking 2-3 years out from clinical practice to pursue research into the pathogenesis of Diabetes Mellitus, and has recently also joined the research team at the Kovler Diabetes Center in their efforts to identify new genetic causes of diabetes. In addition to his research efforts, David Carmody is also involved in the management and development of the MODY registry (maturity onset diabetes of the young), a nationwide database of individuals affected by MODY, a rare form of diabetes. The registry will enable researchers to track and study MODY in individuals on a long-term basis, noting symptoms, genetic patterns in families, and optimal therapies for each patient, and will essentially prove an invaluable resource for researchers and doctors alike.