Darralyn Wright, LPN - The University of Chicago Kovler Diabetes Center

Darralyn Wright, LPN

Darralyn Wright is a compassionate, caring, and thorough nurse who has worked in the healthcare industry as an L.P.N. for eighteen years. Darralyn is a C.P.R. Instructor, however her first love is nursing. Darralyn has vast experience working in long term care facilities, children facilities, private duty nursing with patients ranging from the elderly to infants with various disabling conditions, she has been a hospice nurse, correctional facility nurse, and a psychiatry nurse all of which has brought her immense joy. Darralyn joined the Kovler Diabetes team January 10 2011, and she has found her work both challenging and very rewarding. She enjoys taking care of the patients here at the Kovler Diabetes Center.

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