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80th ADA Scientific Sessions | UofC Presentations & Abstracts

The American Diabetes Association Annual Scientific Sessions is a highly anticipated event that showcases progress in all aspects of the science and practice of diabetes. The Scientific Sessions were supposed to be held in Chicago this year, which would have been particularly meaningful as Dr. Philipson is the immediate past president for Science and Medicine. However, in the last two months before the meeting at the end of June, the ADA leadership was able to convert the meeting from a McCormick Place event to an entirely virtual session. In that short time over 12,500 diabetes clinicians scientists and health care providers of all kinds from all over the world were able to register for the meeting. There were numerous simultaneous sessions including keynote addresses from the current Presidents for Science and Medicine and Education and Health Care. The University of Chicago was well represented at the meeting.
There was the first ever symposium on diabetes in subsaharan Africa which Dr. Philipson helped organized and included our colleague Dr. Williams Balogun from Ibadan, Nigeria, speaking about introducing the study of monogenic diabetes into that part of the world. Our colleague Dr. Andrew Hattersley reviewed monogenic diabetes in the context of precision medicine for diabetes, and beautifully reviewed the work of Dr Graeme Bell that launched the field, and the role of the Jaffe family in helping to raise awareness of neonatal diabetes and monogenic diabetes generally around the world through the film they produced. There were also numerous poster presentations included here: UChicago ADA Presentations
All of the many talks from the meeting will stay online for 3 months, and some of the keynote addresses are available on the ADA website www.diabetes.org.
The meeting went amazingly well and we look forward to the possibility of an in-person meeting next year.