Outpatient Clinical Pharmacy 101 - The University of Chicago Kovler Diabetes Center

Outpatient Clinical Pharmacy 101

August 13, 2020

Karen Wu


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Outpatient Clinical Pharmacy 101

Learn more from our clinical pharmacy specialist, Margaret Allison and hosted by Kovler’s executive director Peggy Hasenauer. This video provides helpful information about medication price, medication resources available, and tips on how to retrieve the correct information over the phone from insurance representatives.

CORRECTION IN VIDEO! Relion insulin “OTC” from Walmart does NOT require prescription. Patients do not actually an Rx (except in Indiana) but it is recommend that you speak with your doctor if you cannot afford the insulins you have been prescribed to come up with a plan to switch to this type of insulin.

Disclaimer: This video is not intended to substitute for individual evaluation by each patient’s doctor. It provides helpful tips, and most importantly a reminder that we are here for you during these difficult times. You should reach out to your own doctor or advise your patients to contact you for individualized guidance.