Research Specialties

Researchers at Kovler translate scientific discoveries into pediatric and adult diabetes clinical care.

With 25 principal investigators affiliated with Kovler, and an NIH-funded Diabetes Research and Training Center (DRTC) in house, advances in basic and clinical medicine proliferate in a progressive, multidisciplinary environment.

In addition to the DRTC, Kovler is tied to the Committee on Molecular Metabolism & Nutrition (CMMN), a specialized graduate education program focusing on how metabolism relates to human disease. Together with the DRTC and CMMN, Kovler is training the next generation of diabetes and obesity researchers.

Faculty Research Areas

Clinical Research

Arshiya Baig, MD, MPH
George L. Bakris, MD

Deborah Burnet, MD
Marshall H. Chin, MD

Eugene Chang, MD
Suzanne Conzen, MD
David A. Ehrmann, MD
Elbert Huang, MD
Tiffany Grant, RN, FNP
Dorit Koren, MD
Vivek Prachand, MD
Roy E. Weiss, MD, PhD

Genetics & Epidemiology

Graeme Bell, PhD
Nancy J. Cox, PhD
Siri Atma Greeley, MD, PhD
Rebecca Lipton, PhD
Rochelle Naylor, MD
Anna Di Rienzo, PhD
Xiaoxi Zhuang


Maria-Luisa Alegre, MD, PhD
Alexander Chervonsky, MD, PhD
Anita Chong, PhD
Bana Jabri, MD, PhD
Yang-Xin Fu, MD, PhD

Islet Biology

Manami Hara, PhD
Louis H. Philipson, MD, PhD, FACP
Christopher J. Rhodes, PhD
Brian Roman, PhD
Donald F. Steiner, MD
Barton Wicksteed, PhD

Signal Transduction

Matthew Brady, PhD
Ronald Cohen, MD
Christopher J. Rhodes, PhD


Matthew Brady, PhD
Ronald Cohen, MD
Dianne Deplewski, MD
David A. Ehrmann, MD
Yanchun Li, PhD
Kay Macleod, PhD
Robert Sargis, MD, PhD


Silvana Pannain, MD
Plamen Penev, MD, PhD
Esra F. Tasali, MD
Eve Van Cauter, PhD

Stem Cell Biology & Development

Manami Hara, PhD
Victoria Prince, PhD
Christopher J. Rhodes, PhD

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