We guide adolescents, teens and young adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes toward a healthy future

The Kovler Diabetes Center’s InTransit program is a clinical care and education program for adolescents, teens and young adults with diabetes.   Our main goal is to empower teens and young adults to manage their diabetes and create a healthy future.  It includes pediatric and adult endocrinologists working side-by-side at the Kovler clinic to help patients ‘transition’ their diabetes care and responsibilities from their parents and family to themselves.

The benefits of our InTransit program include:

  • Establishing a partnership with the youth who has diabetes, their family or caregiver, and their medical team
  • Empowering teens and young adults learn to live with diabetes on their own
  • A sensitivity to the physical, social, emotional and intellectual developmental stages that are distinctive to this group as they move from pre-adolescence and puberty through their teens and into adulthood
  • Support systems to address every need, from going to college to driving tips
  • The latest treatment technologies to make it as easy as possible to cope with diabetes

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The five key strengths that make InTransit unique

Examples of what kids learn in InTransit

Convenient support and resources

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The Five Key Strengths That Make InTransit Unique

InTransit is:

• Comprehensive: Addressing medical, educational and emotional needs.

• Multidisciplinary: Diverse specialists can address related chronic conditions and potential complications of diabetes, from head (neurology) to toe (podiatry), as well as related conditions like celiac disease.

• Teen-focused: This program is designed specifically for teens and young adults. We adapt our approach as kids move from adolescence to high school, to college and independent living.

• Flexible: We can work with a patient and his or her family on an ongoing basis at the University of Chicago Medical Center, or we can consult with their local endocrinologist after a one-time consultation.

• Supportive: We partner with adolescents, teens, their families or caregivers, as well as local physicians to support the needs of every young person living with diabetes.

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Examples of What Kids Learn in InTransit

• How to make the best food choices, including the healthiest options for fast food, snacks and other foods

• How to properly use glucose monitors, sensors and insulin to control blood sugar levels

• How to manage blood sugar when in classes, at work or traveling

• How to “fit in” and stay healthy

• How to participate in sports, activities and social outings, and still balance blood sugar

• How to use new technology to make it easier to manage diabetes

• How alcohol, fast food, smoking or other choices may complicate management

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Convenient Support and Resources

InTransit makes diabetes care and management convenient. We are here for you, whether you and your child:

  • Visit the University of Chicago Medical Center for ongoing care
  • Live farther away and visit once or twice a year
  • Come to us for a consultation/second opinion

We are committed to a close partnership with your medical team and will keep them well informed about our findings and recommendations.

Through our relationships with community-based providers, InTransit will connect you and your child to resources in your local area as needed. Access to nearby educational and emotional support can boost a young person’s knowledge and confidence as they learn to manage their life with diabetes.

Learn more about teen resources

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