At the Kovler Diabetes Center, we help teens and young adults understand diabetes while supporting them and their families during this critical period.

For example, we have programs to help younger teens understand the complexities of glucose monitoring and insulin management. And we can help older teens who may struggle with everything from erratic sleep and work/school schedules, to junk food or eating disorders, to peer pressure to explore alcohol or drugs.

The transition into diabetes self-management can be a difficult one for teens, and the team at the Kovler Diabetes Center is prepared to address the changing physical development, emotional issues and varied levels of maturity that children experience.

We have developed InTransit, a national model for helping teens and their parents understand how to make this transition smoothly.

Our InTransit program and our support systems address every need, from going to college to driving tips. And we have the latest treatment technologies to make it as easy as possible to cope with diabetes.

Learn more about InTransit.

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