Kovler for Kids

As one of just a few structured pediatric diabetes programs in the U.S, Kovler for Kids offers support for both parents and young people during this critical period of their lives.

The benefits of our Kovler for Kids program include:

  • Certified Diabetes Educators with special training to work with children, utilizing age-appropriate language and concepts
  • Psychologists who support children and families…at no extra cost
  • Special educational events for children hosted by prominent Chicagoans and athletes, such as Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler
  • A special list of resources and educational tools
  • Sibling education initiatives to help their brother or sister to manage the disease
  • Innovative approaches to ongoing education through play and technology
  • An opportunity for patients to “graduate” to Kovler’s InTransit program for teens and young adults

Read below to learn more about our premier program.

Special events for kids and families
How we help children understand diabetes
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Special Events for Kids and Families

Through events sponsored by the Kovler Diabetes Center, prominent Chicagoans and athletes like Jay Cutler and Nick Leddy meet with children and youths with diabetes, encouraging them to follow their dreams and to manage their condition.

Join our mailing list to stay informed on upcoming events for your child and your family. (Simply enter your email address in the top right corner of this website, under ‘Connect with Kovler!’)

We also offer the only Monogenic Diabetes Family Forum in North America.  If your child has a form of monogenic diabetes, please contact us to learn more.

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How We Help Children Understand Diabetes

Our certified diabetes educators are trained to talk to children in an age-appropriate way. We help them understand what diabetes is, the nutritional needs they’ll have, the tests and procedures they may face, and how they can explain their condition to friends.

We use age-appropriate games, toys and quizzes to help illustrate concepts. And we help siblings understand what’s happening so that they don’t feel “left out.”

Kovler’s Diabetes Education Program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association, certifying that we offer high-quality diabetes self-management education.

Learn more about our diabetes educators

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Help for Parents

When your child is diagnosed with diabetes, the confusion and stress can be overwhelming. Our specialists will answer your questions about your child’s disease and provide you with information on state-of-the-art nutrition management, insulin therapy and more.

We’ll work with you to develop an individualized plan that’s right for your child. We’ll direct you to other community resources, if needed. For example, your child might benefit from a summer camp for children with diabetes, if he or she is old enough.

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