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Our Externs

At Kovler Diabetes Center, we make sure that all of our patients are equipped with our key care, education, support, and other resources.


Our Team

Indre Bergmanaite

School: DePaul University
Fields of Study: Communications Marketing (Minor in Media)
Hometown: Chicago, IL


Carrie Chui

School: The University of Chicago, Class of 2015
Fields of Study: Biological Sciences & Visual Arts
Hometown: Chicago, IL


Ali Greatsinger

School: The University of Chicago
Fields of Study: Biological Sciences w/ a specialization in Neuroscience (Minor in Human Rights)
Hometown: Fairfield, CT


Carla Henault

School: McGill University, Class of 2011
Fields of Study:
Bs.C. Mathematics (Minor in Art History)
Hometown: Lisbon, Maine


Carrie Turek

School: The University of Notre Dame
Field of Study: Psychology
Hometown: Chicago, IL


Claire Winegar

School: The University of Missouri
Fields of Study:
Communications & Sociology
Hometown: Chicago, IL


Our Translational Research-Genetics and Diabetes Team

Charles Bell
Isaiah Horton

Thank you to our amazing past Externs!

Maura Connors
Deena El-Gabri
Summer Fields
Jamie Haas
Kirsten Gindler
Megan Miniat
Emily Moran
Elaine Naughton
Kevin Lanham
Katrina Sondermann
Liz Tadie

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